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Working with Partners

tab 1Organisation for World Peace works with local organizations and its Ambassadors for Peace to help deliver lasting change.

To get support to those who need it most, we develop long-term partnerships with respected local organizations and appointed Ambassadors for Peace. This means we can deliver programs that are owned and designed by local communities. It also means we don’t have to send aid indefinitely, or set up overseas offices. Ultimately, this helps ensure we invest your money wisely to deliver lasting change across the world.

Our local project partners and peace ambassadors are best placed to help communities identify their problems and create their own solutions. This means the communities we work with can set their own agenda and build long-term change, without the need for continued external support.

Working with local partners and peace ambassadors also means we can respond fast in conflict zones, and get support to affected villages and towns quicker. Throughout our work, we focus on equipping people with the skills and knowledge they need to support and protect themselves, their families and their communities.