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About Us

SONY DSCThe Organisation for World Peace – OWP – was established in a Danish city in 2005 with the basic aim of working in different areas and cultures for better understanding, equality, harmony, peace, acceptance and justice keeping in view human values and rights, international law and respect at all levels. OWP trust and believe that each person should respect individuals to individual, state to all states (of the world) should respect and accept the other state as a sovereign entity and will not interfere in internal matters of any other state. All disputed matters should be solved through negotiations, advocacy campaigns, official meetings, diplomacy and even public diplomacy.

OWP trust and believe that diplomacy through people can play an important role in maintaining international peace, harmony, understanding and respect. Such organisation should be regarded and allowed to work freely at regional and international levels to achieve better outcome. Principally, the UN Charter of Human Rights is part of the OWP basic work. Also, OWP accept and enhance basic five principles of peaceful coexistence i.e. mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, mutual non-aggression, mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, equality and cooperation for mutual benefit and peaceful coexistence. Keeping in view the principles, OWP is promoting peace through activities i.e. participation in national and international conferences, seminars, focus group discussions, research based interventions etc.